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Let It Go, Just Let It Go
Kent Rader, Professional Speaker, Kent Rader Speaks
Our healthcare industry is experiencing workforce shortages that promise to get worse. Recent surveys report more than half of our employees hate their jobs. The number one reason cited for both phenomena is the stress associated with today’s healthcare environment. Having spent 12 years as CFO and CEO of hospitals, Kent has  experienced this stress firsthand. This keynote program takes you on a journey you won’t want to end. We will explore the origins of stressful feelings and how humor is a proven tool in combating these feelings. Guaranteed laughter and practical takeaways will help you include more humor in your life and work.



Joe Public III: The End Of Hospital Marketing
Chris Bevolo, Executive Vice President, Revive Health

Historically, “hospital marketing” has had a slightly negative connotation given that, as a whole, the health system sector was years behind other industries in its understanding and application of marketing and branding. But over the past few years, this gap has clearly closed, as a number of leading health system marketers are taking advanced and innovative approaches to marketing and branding. Or put another way, we’ve arrived at a place where great hospital marketing can be described simply as great marketing. In this presentation, Chris will share findings from his new book, “Joe Public III: The End of Hospital Marketing,” which outlines the new imperatives for hospital and health system marketers, based on dozens of hours of interviews with the top marketers in our field.


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